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2017 has definitely proved to be the year of video content on social media. People love watching videos, which is why Facebook decided to build a dedicated feature to watch engaging video content in real time.

When Facebook Live was first made available last year, it was originally only for verified pages. This meant only celebrities, global brands and major media outlets could use the feature. But now, Facebook Live is available for any business page or personal profile to use.

Here are some of the reasons why we think you should be jumping on the Facebook Live Bandwagon.

Easy to Create

A mantra we follow at LeadSocial is ďDocument. Donít create.Ē (Quote from Gary Vaynerchuck.) Businesses get hung up on creating that one perfect video or image that they forget to document other exciting parts of their business.

The Facebook live feature has been made so simple to use, all you need is a smartphone with a camera, some internet connection (wifi or data) and some engaging content. This could be anything from behind the scenes at your business, a sale thatís on, open homes or even if youíre at an event. Have some fun with it and donít get hung up on getting that pristine shot.

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Facebook Live Videos provide a more intimate and raw level of engagement with an audience. Consumers can interact with your company in real-time. This creates a new level of trust and loyalty.

Where regular content about your product or services provide a structured and detailed view of your business, Facebook Live Videos are real and unrehearsed. They should not feel scripted or pre-programmed. Thatís the beauty of it!


To support the new feature, Facebook have made sure that ďLiveĒ notifications are being sent to everyone that liked the page from where the video originated. This has proved to be quite useful to get your videos noticed. With Facebook becoming more crowded, it can be easy for your posts to go unnoticed by your fans.

Massive Reach

Because it is a fairly new feature, Facebook implemented an algorithm that ranks these videos higher in the News Feed, so they are more likely to be seen organically. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are encouraging businesses to use Facebook live. However, this algorithm isnít likely to stick around forever, so make the most of it while it’s here!

We have included a few live videos we have completed for clients below but if you are having any troubles with getting started, how to do it, or what to do it on then get in touch with the LeadSocial team.

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