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Think of us as your turn key solution to everything social media, we can create eye-catching and engaging content with photos, videos and great design, we can tell the stories behind your brand with SOMETHING copy and make sure your content is seen by as many of the right people as possible using the right targeting, placements and budgets with ads. 

Once your content is out there doing its job we can monitor the engagement, comments and messages, respond when necessary and act quickly to help show you are that brand that cares about their customers. Once the end of the month rolls around you (usually) sit down with one of our awesome account managers (or we can send it to your email) and look through your report measuring the success of your marketing efforts and planning the month ahead.

It’s no surprise the use (and consumption) of video content across social media and websites has skyrocketed over the last few years, a trend we only see continuing. We understand that an effective digital marketing strategy should always include an element of video content to communicate ideas, stories and emotion. 
Whether you’re looking for short sharp video content to fill up your social newsfeeds or more detailed videos that tell a story, highlight a product/service, sell homes and commercial buildings or communicate the emotion of someone’s testimonial we can help! We understand that social media content is here one minute, gone the next and that it’s the story behind the video that makes it effective not just the flashy transitions. With that in mind, our videos are fit for purpose and drive better results when marketed. 
If you would like to chat video content we would love to hear from you. 


Looking for an effective and engaging website for your business? We have a dedicated web team who will design your site from the ground up, making sure it looks great on all devices. We understand a great website needs to reflect who you are as a brand, your story, your products, your service, your values. From designing your website to making sure it stays up to date/secure to making changes further down the track and optimization we can make sure your website is at the front of the game and drives leads and sales to your business. 

Looking to get in front of people searching for your products/services? Google ads are a great way to instantly drive pre-qualified traffic to your website, we take a strategic approach to your Google ads to ensure it isn’t an expense but an investment that drives a return. Our digital marketing team here at LeadSocial can take care of the research, set up, ongoing optimization and monthly reporting so you can sleep easy knowing your marketing is in safe hands. 

With our own Design Gurus, we are able to ensure your brand looks just as good on the internet as it does on paper. By creating effective, thumb-stopping visual communications for your brand we are able to grab the attention of all those existing and potential customers; all adding to the value of your online presence.  

From EDM’s, content creation, to advertising banners and everything in between we can help ensure your digital design is A+. However, if you need a little help making sure your brand is perfect on paper before making it online we can also help with that. 


Not sure where to start or maybe you have dabbled but know there’s more to learn? That’s where we can help you become the best social media manager you can be with training from a team who live and breathe it every day. From what content you should be posting and how to best post it, to effective ads that drive results and anything in between we can customize consulting sessions to your needs and brand.

Looking to learn in a group environment? Our workshops are a great cost-effective way to learn everything there is about social media over a half day. We run workshops for people just starting on Facebook, people who have been in the Facebook game a while and a more general Instagram workshop. Get in touch to learn more. 

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Leading brands through social media and the digital world of marketing in the most effective ways possible.