We have worked closely with MHCO for five years now providing a range of services, building our working relationship, and ultimately, becoming good friends. 

Over the years our relationship with MHCO has evolved phenomenally. From a chance meeting in our local coffee shop, Demi Urgos, where LeadSocial was approached to build a new website as Maisey Harris & Co was first coming to fruition, to four years down the track, giving their website a complete refresh in order to grow alongside their brand, and now, multiple locations. During this time we have worked closely with Nathan and Peter to manage their social media accounts, upskill new staff in social media during the onboarding process, manage Google Ads, and ultimately, to find the best way to communicate the story behind their brand…

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We began with the development of their very first website, fusing together the ideas of each partner along with new ideas we had seen in the digital space. Once was born, we then created a content marketing strategy for the business; learning more about accounting during this process than we ever thought we would! It was apparent at that point just how different MHCO was and still is, compared to other accounting services, and how they had challenged the status quo in an aged industry. 

Four years later, MHCO’s website had been updated multiple times by different people, and their business was growing and changing rapidly. This revealed the need for a refresh; not just changing out a few photos here and there, but a full rebuild from the ground up. We took existing content that was both good and relevant and paired it with new, fresh content that reflected their new team members, new office space, and the refined services they offer. Once again, we were able to help position MHCO as an accountancy firm that is leading the way; innovative and bold. 



A modern and innovative firm needs a solid digital marketing strategy, and this is why MHCO focused so heavily on social media; riding the wave of cheap ads, gaining loads of attention, and utilising an uncrowded market – what we call ‘the good old days of social media!’. They also needed to make the most of powerful tools such as Google Ads, to convert people who were already qualified customers. This was set up, optimised, and continues to develop further to this day. 

After learning everything about their brand and watching as their story developed, we knew that we needed to show this to their existing and potential clients to show them their journey and enable them to really understand why MHCO exists.  With video content rising in popularity and decreasing in cost, we knew this would be the best way to show people, rather than simply telling them. 
After scouting multiple locations, lots of takes, three kids, eight mountain bike rides, and few beers, we completed the MHCO ‘about’ video; something we are all proud of:


We’ve also had the pleasure of creating a series of elements to complement the MHCO brand. These have been displayed around their office and online, including the values below. These elements were created to represent the fun and lively extension of MHCO’s brand, and remain consistent to create cohesion for the MHCO brand. 

We would love to let our work speak for itself!


The team at LeadSocial have been amazing to work with over the past 5+ years. They are committed to providing quality services and always giving 120% in everything they do. We were pretty pumped with our first website at year 1, then 4 years later they lifted the bar completly redesigning our website to match our unconventional image. We get videos & ongoing strategic help, and look forward to continuing our solid working relationship. Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough.
Nathan Maisey

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